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Cellulose Insulation Information For Architects

Architects are leading-edge influencers for building products used by builders and other construction industry professionals as well as consumers. It is critical that architects have access to the latest and most accurate information about building products. This is particularly true of energy-efficient products like insulation that are so important to homeowners and businesses.

Architect reviewing house plans for specifying cellulose insulation

CIMAC is dedicated to providing architects and designers with information and resources they can depend on to assist in the selection of cellulose insulation solutions. This section of the website has detailed information about cellulose insulation that can help architects and designers to better understand the unique properties and benefits of the product. In addition, CIMAC staff and producer members are available to answer questions or provide additional information.

Architects specifying cellulose insulation in their construction plans introduce a wealth of benefits to builders and consumers including more energy efficiency, better sound control, improved fire safety and an overall improved living environment. It also helps to benefit the environment as cellulose insulation is truly one of the most environmentally sound building materials available.

Cellulose Insulation Manufacturers AssociationDownload a PDF document of general specifications for cellulose insulation. Then, consider making cellulose insulation the default product in your CAD design program instead of less energy efficient batt insulation.

Contact Us for assistance or with questions about cellulose insulation.

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